Racing is a sport of constant change, whether its setup combinations, tires, or shocks. Envy Suspension & Race Consultants strives to know which changes to make to the racecar and when to make them. We work tirelessly to stay on top of the current technology in our sport and this cutting edge information is passed along to those clients that sign up for our consulting programs.

These programs are built around you, the customer, and not just a flat fee as other companies have done in the past. When you sign up with Envy Suspension, you are provided with the latest in technology and innovation, which translates into speed and helping you get and stay ahead of the competition.

At Envy Suspension, we test all of our products with select drivers to ensure reliability and speed before we say "you need this or that" for your racecar. We aren't a "trick of the week" type of company, but instead believe that constant product testing in a variety of conditions will produce the best results for our clientele. Shown below are our current consulting programs, which have changed recently to help suit more drivers and teams while keeping the struggling economy in mind.

Basic Consulting Program: Envy Suspension thoroughly inspects your car from front to back. We make sure all of your components and measurements are correct and suspension is straight and properly aligned. This is then followed by scaling your car. Call Kirk at 423-327-1935 for pricing and additional information! * See Note Below

Phone Consulting Program: Envy Suspension does yearly programs over the telephone to help keep you pointed in the right direction. This is a very helpful program to accelerate your learning curve. Not only do we recommend you calling us during the week when you are preparing for the next race, but we also urge you to call us when you are at the track with any questions, so we can optimize your on-track performance. We try to treat this program like a year-long chassis seminar. Call Kirk at 423-327-1935 for pricing and additional information! * See Note Below

Travel & Phone Consulting Program: Envy Suspension provides the same great phone consultation as detailed above, but we also come to you to start our basic program as well. Along with the year-long phone consultation, any number of dates for testing / racing can be discussed. Call Kirk at 423-327-1935 for pricing and additional information! * See Note Below

*** Travel costs are to be determined by amount of time, fuel costs, and airfare and are not included in the package price.



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